Anthony Meriweather Hired as Division Manager

by A7FL Indianapolis

Meet Anthony Meriweather  a dedicated sports professional with a rich and varied career in the industry. Starting as the Defensive Coordinator for the Hoosier Hurricanes in 2005-2006, he mastered football strategy. His leadership journey continued as the General Manager of the Indianapolis Tornados from 2007 to 2011.

Anthony's commitment to youth sports shone through as a baseball coach for Eagle Creek Little League (2010-2012) and Division Commissioner for the North American Football League (2011-2012). His coaching passion continued, including roles like Special Teams and Defensive Line Coach at New Augusta Middle School (2013-2014) and later, Offensive and Defensive Line Coach for the Pike Township Middle School All-Star Team (2016).
Venturing into youth football leadership, he served as the President of the Indianapolis Pop Warner Chapter from 2018 to 2019. In 2022, Anthony's career soared as he took on the pivotal roles of Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director for the United Football League, showcasing his unwavering dedication to professional football.
As the General Manager of the Indy Bison in 2022-2023 and currently the Executive Commissioner of the United 2A Football League in 2023, Anthony continues to contribute significantly to football's growth and success at various levels in Indianapolis.