A7FL’s Nationwide Expansion Continues, Fans Will Have Power Via New NFT-Focused Ownership Group

by Joseph Perez

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, July 18, 2023: The American 7s Football League, featuring no helmets, no pads, full contact action, has announced the addition of Indianapolis, Indiana, for its 10th division.

The new division is set to launch in 2024 and will feature four teams for the A7FL’s 10th season beginning in the spring and will be owned and operated by NFT Sports DAO, a group that looks to give power to players and fans alike. The ownership group is led by current A7FL Cincinnati Division owner Joe Perez. 

NFT Sports DAO aims to redefine sports fan engagement, monetization, and ownership by acquiring A7FL Indianapolis as its first Web 2.5 NFT fan ownership project on the Solana blockchain. Besides token-gated community access and future products and services offered, NFT holders will be able to join our IRL (in real life) experiences, free merchandise, join front office calls, and, most importantly, voting rights, which empower holders with decision-making experiences that are required to establish and operate professional sports teams. The voting rights experience is unique because it allows holders to contribute to crucial decisions such as branding, venue, player recognition, etc.