A7FL Indianapolis partners with UISN

by Joseph Perez

**Breaking News: UISN to Cover A7FL Indy - Bringing You the Latest on Semi-Professional Football Action!**

Indianapolis, Sep 18, 2023 - We are thrilled to announce groundbreaking partnership with The Underground Indy Sport Network (UISN) that will cover the action-packed world of the American 7s Football League's Indianapolis division, or as they're more affectionately known - A7FL Indy!

What to Expect from UISN's A7FL Indy Coverage

1. Team Announcements: We'll be your go-to source for all the exciting team announcements. Stay in the loop as we bring you the details on the talented athletes who will be representing Indianapolis in this thrilling league.

2. Tryouts and Selections: Curious about how these teams come together? We'll keep you updated on tryouts, selections, and the behind-the-scenes action that shapes the A7FL Indy rosters.

3. Game Previews and Recaps: From heart-pounding game previews that set the stage for each match to comprehensive recaps that break down the action, we've got your game-day coverage sorted.

"Our team at UISN is beyond excited to dive headfirst into the world of A7FL Indy. We believe that this unique brand of football deserves the spotlight, and we're committed to bringing you the most engaging and insightful coverage of all the action." Said UISN.